Business Process Outsourcing

At ZICO BPO, we provide full administration support solutions by handling the complexity of payroll management services, accounting, book keeping, financial reporting related, and tax administration services on your behalf.

Based in Singapore, we have the manpower and expertise to help you maximise performance with an efficient and effective approach to your needs including:

Accounting and Treasury
Extensive Business Reporting Language (XBRL) Services
Scrutineer Services
Tax Administration and Filing

The key benefits that we are able to pass on to you:

  • A surge in cost efficiency for you
  • Increased productivity in terms of our deliverables to you
  • Flexible services that can meet your changing requirements
  • Services that can support your company acquisitions, consolidations and joint ventures
  • Niche and up to date expertise about the regulatory frameworks
  • A team of experienced specialists with the ability to handle the complexity associated with payroll              management services, cost-effective and reliable accounting, and financial reporting

In addition, we understand that one of the prime concerns relating to outsourcing financial information, accounting, and bookkeeping is the protection and security of sensitive information. This is why at ZICO, we outsource strictly within our firm so that we never relinquish control. In other words, your information is protected within the domain of our Singapore centre at all times.