China Desk

ASEAN, with abundant natural resources, geographical and cultural proximity has been a rising destination for outbound investments from China, particularly since the Going Global policy initiated in 2002. More recently, the One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative as well as the foundation of the China-ASEAN cooperation investment fund has strengthened China’s interest for the region.

Closer economic links between ASEAN and China, and also with Hong Kong and Taiwan have opened new opportunities for trade and investments for ASEAN countries.

Reconciling the significance of trade and investment complexity between ASEAN and China, the set-up of ZICO China Desk was an intrinsic part of our support to complement the advisory services already rendered to our Chinese clients.

Led by a team of Chinese consultants, advisors and practitioners who have extensive experience in various expertise across ASEAN, ZICO’s China Desk is dedicated to working with Chinese businesses and professional intermediaries for both outbound and inbound trade between China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and ASEAN.  The team is committed to providing integrated solutions and service support through ZICO’s ASEAN network and multidisciplinary platform to these clients and facilitates their investments in our region.