Asian by birth. ASEAN by choice.

Southeast Asia is a lucrative market which offers a wealth of investment opportunities. However, with widely differing geographies, cultures, languages and legal frameworks, an understanding of how to navigate the panorama is critical to finalizing deals and achieving a successful outcomes.

We are backed by 30 years in the region, and have expanded our reach to all ASEAN countries. 400 lawyers and business professionals carry out crucial intelligence gathering and assess best business practices that are delivered at local rates. We have invested heavily in our people and technology to deliver advice that is customised, culturally sensitive, and solution orientated. The economies of scale that we achieve through our regional consolidation, is anchored in our goal to provide client-centric value creation.

By doing so, ZICO helps you identify risk and unlock new sources of growth and capitalise on opportunities generated by ASEAN integration in a way that is expedient and cost-efficient.

ZICO offers a comprehensive range of services from advisory and legal to transactional services. You benefit from having all these services streamlined into one comprehensive service provider.