Why come to us?

Our clients come to us because we have over 30 years of on-the-ground business expertise incorporating companies, enabling them to grow, identifying risks, and protecting their interests throughout ASEAN. Our presence in all 10 ASEAN jurisdictions is a principal hallmark of our offering.

Additionally, by investing in an innovative multidisciplinary platform, we have harnessed a range of cost-efficiencies services so that we can assist you more effectively.


  •  By shattering myths about orthodox legal practices
  •  By leveraging convergence

You at the centre of our business paradigm

Client experience is the overriding competitive linchpin in today’s economy, so at ZICO we put you first. How? We reinvent ourselves to put you at the centre of our business paradigm.

We supply you with the strategic, legal, trust, corporate, and administrative connective tissue you need to get to the most cost-effective solution in the shortest time frame. We do this by:

  • Drawing from our wealth of human capital
  • Embracing technology
  • Disaggregating our services
  • Spearheading changing industry trends