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Inclusion and diversity, part of our DNA.

At ZICO, we understand that diversity, inclusion and CSR initiatives are critical to defining organisations’ brand identities.  As a paradigm shift in core values is taking place, driven in part by millennials, (who account for a large demographic in ASEAN), we at ZICO, have made diversity, inclusion and corporate social responsibility cornerstones of our company fabric.

ethnic groups





and dialects

We not only view diversity and inclusion in the workforce as part of our DNA but also as a call to action.  What separates us from the pack is our commitment to advancing women into leadership positions. Women constitute 52% of our total current workforce and over 54 per cent of our leadership team, which is positive proof that we actively involve every employee’s ideas, knowledge, and style to maximize our client deliverables.

What this means for our new recruits is that when you join ZICO, you become part of our diverse and dynamic young team  that is not only gender inclusive, but consists of 22 ethnic groups with the ability to speak more than 35 languages and dialects.

For our clients, this translates into us being at the confluence of new ideas and information as well as being able to offer advice imbued with refined cultural understanding; one of ZICO’s unique selling points.