ZICO 30YO Email Signature

Why a new email signature?

As ZICO celebrates its 30th anniversary, we are implementing brand new email signature templates that reflects our joint brand and commemorates our milestone 30th year of growth and development in the region. Whilst we all may be part of different lines of business (LOBs) and entities, we are all members of an ASEAN ZICO family and as such, our new email signature will provide us all with a consistent image and identity across the board.

What’s new?

Our new email signatures feature a clean and trendy look and feel that emphasises our respective brand logos and predominantly features the official 30th anniversary logo. We have kept in mind modern design trends and concepts whilst remaining true to our most identifiable brand elements.

We have utilised shades of ZICO blue and grey to ensure consistency with our brand colors and have introduce quick links to our respective web sites and social media accounts. By adding in quick links to our online and social media presence, we ensure that an added layer of connectivity is offered to our clients, friends and colleagues and underlines our commitment towards embracing new modes of connectivity and innovation.

How will it be implemented?

The new design will be implemented through HTML elements which will ensure a responsive and uniformed email signature for all. BDCC will launch the new signature for each LOB, country by country in a separate communication within the next few days, so keep an eye out!

How does it look?

Every ZICO LOBs’ email signature will showcase its own brand identity. See some examples below.


NB: in some jurisdictions, depending on local regulations, the ZICO Law logo will be replaced by the respective member firm logo.