Corporate Social Responsibility

Making the ASEAN difference

At ZICO, our corporate social responsibility spirit is not just about making a difference but making the ASEAN difference.

We are at the intersection of business and society. By establishing a pan-ASEAN presence in 10 countries and sharing your ethical values and instilling them in the workplace, our structure lends itself to enriching people, communities, and the environment. We are constantly exploring ways in which we can channel our talents and resources towards the greater good.

We adhere to the ASEAN Development Goals (ADG) goal “to contribute to realising an ASEAN community that is people centred and socially responsible with a view to building an inclusive and cohesive society where the well-being, livelihood and welfare of the people are enhanced.”

Our four main pillars that guide our CSR initiatives are to;

Govern with ethics and values
Grow and succeed in ASEAN
Reduce environmental impact
Nurture our teams and communities