Representative & Regional Offices Now Exempt from Obtaining Foreign Business License


On 9 June 2017, the Ministry of Commerce (“MOC”) issued a new Ministerial Regulation to grant exemptions from obtaining a Foreign Business License (“FBL”) prior to commencing business operations to several service businesses. The exempted service businesses list includes representative and regional offices, which previously would take 3–4 months to obtain an FBL.

List of the new service businesses exempted from obtaining an FBL

  1. Asset management pursuant to Emergency Decree on Asset Management Companies
  2. Provision of service as a representative office
    The scope of permitted business activities includes the procurement of supply sources for the head office or affiliated/group companies, quality control, consultation with the distributing agent or consumer, dissemination of information pertaining to the goods offered by the head office, and reporting business movements in Thailand.
  3. Provision of service as a regional office
    The scope of permitted business activities are similar to the representative office, but shall include consultation and training services provided to affiliated/group companies in place of the head office, financial management, marketing and promoting sales planning, researching, and developing new products.
  4. Provision of service to government sectors
  5. Provision of service to government subsidiaries

Establishing a business presence in Thailand has never been easier.

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