COVID-19 in ASEAN Webinar: Industry Impact by Business Leaders Part 2


Industry leaders are coming to grips with the impacts of COVID-19 and are now looking ahead to what the future may have in store.

Join us for Part 2 as we continue the conversation with business leaders from the real estate, e-commerce, and healthcare sectors. We will discuss how each of their industries are adjusting and what they are positioning themselves for the future. Key points of discussion will include:

  • Early steps taken that helped to mitigate the impact
  • Protecting employees, customers, and clients
  • Early industry sector trends
  • The industry outlook post-pandemic and the role of technology
  • Change management and planning for the future

Moderator & Panel

Hanim Hamzah, Regional Managing Partner, ZICO Law (Moderator)

Hanim is the Regional Managing Partner of the ZICO Law network. Now based in Singapore, her 24 years of regional practice experience includes being resident in Malaysia, Japan and Indonesia

Chris Marriott, CEO, Savills – South East Asia

Chris oversees and manages Savills entire real estate services business operations in SEA. He has 30 years of real estate experience with 25 years in Asia. Chris has taken an active role in how technology can be leveraged within Savills and the broader industry.

Gladys Chun, General Counsel and Head of Government Affairs, Lazada Group

Gladys Chun leads the Legal, Compliance and Government Affairs department, and is responsible for all such matters across the countries in which Lazada Group has a local presence.

Paul Clarke, Strategic Pricing Director, Abbott Laboratories

Paul has more than 20 years of experience in Asia Pacific, 14 of which have been in the Medical Industry. He has specialized in the area of Value Based Healthcare, helping hospitals and laboratories quantify the financial and operational benefits of purchasing.