COVID-19 in ASEAN Webinar: Managing anxiety in times of uncertainty


In addition to the fear and anxiety about a new frightening disease such as COVID-19, we are also facing the overwhelming stress of uncertainties towards what could happen. Social distancing measures, including working from home, could lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation. We also worry about our financial situation and the loss of support services that we rely on. How do we manage all this stress and anxiety?

In this coming webinar, we have two distinguished wellness advocates who will be sharing their stories and perspectives as well as useful exercises that we can adopt.

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Moderator & Panel

Kevin Hawkins, Co-Executive Partner, ZICO Law Vietnam (Moderator)

Kevin is the Co-Executive Partner of ZICO Law Vietnam. He is also the Program Chair for TWI – ZICO Law’s Total Wellness Initiative – a program created with the objective to improve mental health through positive lifestyle changes activities within the ZICO Law network in ASEAN.

Emma Noguchi, Leadership Coach, Coaching Go Where Pte. Ltd

Emma is an executive and leadership coach who works with leaders from all sectors to increase their self-awareness, develop trust and unleash their full potential. She manages her own coaching practice,, to help leaders and their teams boost resilience, increase their well-being and achieve outstanding results.

Richard Martin, Director, byrne·dean

Richard leads the mental health work at leading workplace consultancy byrne dean. He began his career as an employment lawyer and in 2011, he experienced serious mental illness, was hospitalised and spent two years in recovery. He now works with organisations around the world to raise awareness of mental health. In 2018 he published a memoir of his experience in his book called “This too will pass: Anxiety in a professional world”.