COVID-19 in ASEAN Webinar: Tackling online counterfeiting and IP infringement in the “new norm” era


With the COVID pandemic spurring lockdowns, quarantines and social distancing measures across ASEAN and many countries worldwide, online activities particularly online shopping have experienced a sharp spike.  As more business sectors scramble to digitize their operations and with no definitive end to the pandemic in the near future, the digital and virtual sphere in commerce will continue to strive, particularly amongst the younger consumer generations in Asia who are technologically savvy.

In this context, as online shopping activities grow, the dark and shadowy side of the Web will correspondingly thrive. There have been noticeable increases in online counterfeiting activities in recent months. How will businesses and brands protect themselves online? What legal measures are in place to safeguard against counterfeiting and infringement in a borderless environment where identities can be  disguised?

ZICO IP partners from across the region will be joined by a key e-commerce association representative pioneering in the digital shift to discuss challenges, measures and possible changes to brand protection in the perceived “new normal.”

Moderator and Panel