Indonesia | ZICO Shariah Audit Training


Shariah audit has become a crucial element that ought not to be separated from modern day shariah banking products. Whilst there has been some enforcement of shariah audits in recent times, the fact is that shariah audits are not viewed by many as bringing a positive impact towards good shariah governance and is often still viewed as only beneficial from an accounting perspective. In addition there is still no necessity for external shariah audits to take place until and unless there is insufficient internal shariah auditing.

As a result, Zahir Syariah Indonesia will be hosting this first event of its kind in Indonesia in order to support the enforcement of good shariah governance for all Shariah banks in Indonesia.

Dr. Akhmad Affandi and Dr. Mohammad Mahbubi Ali will be conducting a One Day Training on Shariah Audit For Islamic Banks in Surabaya and Jakarta.

If you would like more information, please contact Adrio Rivadi.