Japan | Seminar for Japan External Trade Organization


Sharon Tan, David Lim and Leoni Silitonga will be presenting in a seminar for the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) on 22 September 2017.

The seminar will discuss investing and doing business in Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. The presentations will cover:

  1. risk management for which foreign investor should take note (common legal risk which foreign investors often face, and unique legal system which foreign investor should know to avoid violation or trouble in their business operation) and
  2. recent law amendments which affect foreign investors’ business.

The JETRO seminar rundown is as follows:

13:00-13:45 JETRO’s speech about Business in ASEAN and India

14:00-15:00 Malaysia: Sharon Tan Suyin

15:15-16:15 Vietnam: David Lim

16:30-17:30 Indonesia: Leoni Silitonga

They will also be giving a seminar to Ohebashi law firm on 21 September at their offices and will cover the same topics with the addition of a presentation by Matthew Rendall on Cambodia and ASEAN in general by Hanim Hamzah and Chew Seng Kok.