Asset Management

ZICO Asset Management is a manager and advisor of private and financial assets for high-net worth individuals, businessmen, entrepreneurs and family office clients in ASEAN member countries.

With a team of highly experienced professionals, we provide concise and insightful solutions that ensure our clients receive the best outcome possible for their personal and family wealth in today’s fast changing world. We are the only asset manager who can work on our clients’ entire asset portfolio from private businesses, bank assets and the most important asset of all – their families.

We have a Capital Markets Services licence in Fund Management issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. As part of ZICO Group, we have the ability to combine a suite of multidisciplinary services with our depth of financial markets capabilities, empowering us to provide integrated solutions across ASEAN member countries.

We do business ethically, sustainably and profitably.

Our Services

Independent AM
(i.e. External AM)

Private Wealth, Portfolio Management & Consolidation. Income and Retirement Investing. Wealth Planning and Private Banking.

Capital Markets Solutions

Share & other Asset Financing, Private Debt and Alternative Financing

Family Office Support

Family Office structuring and development advisory, investment advisory, strategy and tax structuring.

Fund Management

Co-investments, Asset Structuring, Fund Platforming & Fund Manager Services

Our Fund Structures

Advance Opportunities Fund I

  • Regulated Mutual Fund, registered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
  • Restricted Scheme notified to MAS
  • Invests in instruments that assist small / medium capitalisation, publicly-listed companies
  • For AIs and IIs only
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Alpha and Income Select Portfolio

  • Portfolio Certificate issued by UBS AG London
  • Invests in an array of global stocks across various industries, selected for market opportunity in long term, tactical growth
  • Available via bank platforms
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ZICO Alpha Returns Fund

  • Sub-fund of an Umbrella Unit Trust Fund in Singapore
  • Restricted Scheme notified to MAS
  • Invests in listed equities, bonds, fixed income instruments, exchange-traded funds and other investments
  • For AIs and IIs only
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The Good Capitalism Fund

  • Sub-fund of a Variable Capital Company (VCC) in Singapore
  • Restricted Scheme notified to MAS
  • Invests mainly in private equity via primary & secondary investments, and direct or co- investments in portfolio companies & investment funds
  • For AIs and IIs only

MAS: Monetary Authority of Singapore
AIs: Accredited Investors
IIs: Institutional Investors

If you have allocation interest in these sectors – Health, Technology, Space, Tech Real Estate and Fintech – we offer distribution in ASEAN region for selected mid- and late-stage PE investment deals and opportunities from US.

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Our Efforts on ESG

Environment, Sustainability, Governance

ZICOam is proud sponsor of The Good Campfire Project, an event platform where thought leaders, practitioners in finance, and business leaders come together to discover how to bring about a better world through our influence with capital deployment. We run our Campfires as a safe space where hosts, storytellers and the like-minded guests journey in shared experiences and knowledge in the hope of creating something Good.

Key Themes

Campfire Theme 1

Climate Positive Investing

Campfire Theme 2

Good Capitalism

Also known as Social Capitalism


Browse through some of our remarkable stories captured at the Good Campfire Project events.

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