Our investor services are provided by ZICO B.A.C.S., one of the most established and reputable share registrar businesses in Singapore.

Building upon more than four decades of industry experience in the financial market, we deliver slick and sophisticated shareholder services through a dedicated team of astute and responsive professionals.

ZICO B.A.C.S. offers a comprehensive suite of investor services for publicly listed companies across a spectrum of industries.

  • Maintaining registers of members and warrant holders
  • Processing share transfers and exercise of warrants, share options and performance shares
  • Allotting shares and processing bonus and rights issues
  • Preparing share and warrant certificates and dividend warrants
  • Handling shareholder communications, including distributing annual reports, circulars and other ad hoc documents to shareholders
  • Registration of shareholder and proxy attendance at general meetings
  • Assisting in the conduct of shareholder poll-voting and providing scrutineer services at general meetings