Japan Desk

“As a friend of ASEAN, Japan would like to cooperatively work towards the further prosperity of a free and open Indo-Pacific.” – Prime Minister SUGA Yoshihide, 23rd Japan-ASEAN Summit Meeting, 12 November 2020

Over the years, Japan has become the second-largest trading partner for ASEAN, witnessing  growing expansion of Japan organisations in the 10 countries in numerous industry sectors, manufacturing and infrastructure notably.

ASEAN’s 10 member states are diverse in terms of regulatory systems, economic development, the challenging enforcement and dispute mechanisms, bureaucracies and language difficulties post as common challenges facing Japanese corporations.

Supported by a team of Japanese advisors and local consultants with deep understanding of the cultural sensitivities and expectations of both Japanese clients and ASEAN member states, ZICO’s Japan desk is well equipped with the local insights and extensive experience to provide business advisory to all Japanese organisations advancing into ASEAN.

At ZICO, we have been working with Japanese companies since they started expanding in the ASEAN region. Our teams have been servicing numerous Japanese conglomerates (Keiretsu) and companies in various industry sectors such as manufacturing, financial, transportation, energy throughout the ASEAN region.






Hanim Hamzah speaking at the In-House Community e-Congress Japan 2020 Plenary Session.

Hanim Hamzah speaking at D-Quest, Inc. Compliance Symposium 2020 on “The Forefront of ASEAN – Forefront of whistleblowing – Harassment cases in ASEAN and their countermeasures Trends in legislation from the perspective of ASEAN.