IPBA 2nd Mekong Regional Forum


ZICO Law is proud to announce its sponsorship and participation in the IPBA 2nd Mekong Regional Forum on 9 March in Yangon.

The legal forum will showcase the legal market in the Mekong Region with a lively discussion on investment laws, reforms on company and commercial law, and IP arbitration in the Mekong Region.

Moderating the panel on Updates on IP protection in the Mekong Region will be Geraldine Oh, Resident Partner in our Myanmar office. She will be joined by Su Siew Ling, our IP partner in Malaysia.

Also joining the Forum as a speaker on the Investment Laws: Restrictions and Clarity in the Mekong Region will be Aristotle David, our Managing Partner in Laos.

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Perry Pe, IPBA President”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”10:30am- 10:45am” data2=”Coffee Break”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”10:45am- 10:50am” data2=”IPBA 2019 Singapore – Jose Cochingyan, III, IPBA Program Coordinator”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”10:50am- 11:10am” data2=”ASEAN+6 Cross Border Practice – The College of Law-IPBA LLM (Applied Law) programme – Peter Tritt and Raphael Tay”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”11:10am-12:30pm” data2=”Updates on IP protection in the Mekong Region – Moderator: Geraldine Oh”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”12:30pm-2:00pm” data2=”Lunch Break”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”2:00pm-2:15pm” data2=”IPBA Testimonials – Robert San Pe”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”2:15pm-3:45pm” data2=”Reforms in Company and Commercial Law in the Region – Moderator: Dr. Le Net”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”3:45pm-4:00pm” data2=”Coffee Break”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”4:00pm-5:30pm” data2=”Arbitration: how to make it a credible option in the Mekong Region? – Moderator: Robert San Pe”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”5:30pm-5:35pm” data2=”Closing Remarks”][cq_vc_datatable_item data1=”6:00pm-8:00pm” data2=”Networking Cocktails”][/cq_vc_datatable]


The registration fee is USD30. Payment will be received in cash during registration at the event. Please bring exact change.

To register, please click HERE.

For more information or assistance, please contact: William McLaughlin at .


Special Discount – IPBA Singapore Conference 2019:

Attendees will be eligible for a SGD200 discount at the IPBA Singapore 2019 Conference. Information on how to receive the discount will be announced during the Forum