A combination of steady economic reforms and foreign direct investment predominantly from China has seen Laos shed its status as the least developed ASEAN member country in 2016. Laos is experiencing steady economic growth driven by an increasing emphasis on natural resources and renewable energy, all of which lend credence to the nation’s lofty ambitions of being a developed progressive economy by 2030.

One of our key strengths at ZICO is our ability to advise foreign investors on the ground. ZICO expanded to Laos in 2012 through the acquisition of Vientiane Law Co. Ltd, (now ZICOlaw (Laos) Sole Co., Ltd.) The firm is helmed by Aristotle David, a leading practitioner with over a decade of experience on the ground, and one of only a handful of foreign legal experts in Laos. Lauded by various legal publications and journals, Aristotle has been the recipient of several notable awards in recognition of his involvement in some of the nation’s largest infrastructure projects and domestic investments.

Laos is ripe for investment, and with increasing exploitation of its rich resources, we are uniquely positioned to leverage our extensive experience and guide our clients through the complex landscape, both domestically and in the wider region.

Based in Vientiane, our multifaceted team of advisors has assisted both local and international corporate clients in various industrial fields. We have developed a reputation for devising creative and innovative solutions to complex problems our clients are facing.

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