We are a knowledge-based organisation.

At ZICO, we immerse ourselves in our clients’ business realities and customise resources that optimises the importance in an effective yet sustainable manner through information sharing.  Our presence in key emerging and developed markets across Southeast Asia places us in the thick of the action and forms the basis from which we combine dedicated in-country knowledge, skills, and innovation with a global approach to provide the latest cross-border resources for our clients.

We are a knowledge-based organisation and knowledge management has always been our prime focus. The Knowledge Management team analyse what is required in the current business landscape to stay ahead in the business environment across Southeast Asia.

We make available a wealth of information by producing a variety of publications, alerts, updates, guides, and brochures covering a broad range of topics.  We also feature externally published articles by our practitioners and consultants. We organise events that examine market developments, regulatory evolution and industry issues that impact our clients’ businesses in the ASEAN region.

The following icons will give you access to our various Knowledge channels: