The rapid growth of innovation has forced Governments all over the world to […]

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Reimagining the New Corporate: ESG Integration for Value Creation

“Who Cares Wins”, UN Global Compact’s report 15 years ago, launched the Principles […]

COVID-19 Stimulus Measures & Incentives with Special Focus on Projects & Infrastructure Sectors

With the world facing one of the biggest global crisis due to the […]

Asset Management

ZICO Asset Management is a manager and advisor of private wealth for high net […]

Personal Data Protection in ASEAN

Technology and the rise of the digital economy has transformed our lives for […]

Land Ownership in ASEAN Countries

Infrastructure development in ASEAN remains a critical lynchpin in facilitating the development of […]

Webinar: Malaysian Real Estate in the COVID-19 Era – Crash Landing or Cash Landing?

In light of the current uncertainties in both national and global economies, what [...]

COVID-19 in ASEAN Webinar: ZICO Labs Start-Up Series | Navigating the Current Climate

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many industries and businesses across the world. However, [...]

Green Publication 1.0 | Powering ASEAN Sustainably & Combating Climate Change

In this publication, we share our insights on the recent developments in ASEAN […]